Re-tubing of Burrell 7 nhp Road Locomotive No. 3633″Lord Kitchener”

Built new in 1914 for W.E.Chivers & Sons of Devizes in Wiltshire, the engine was used on the haulage of boilers, bricks and timber. During the war the engine spent a lot of its time working on Salisbury Plain. The engine was used in the demolition of Devizes Prison in 1927.

Bobby King of Kent carried out a rebuild of the engine before the engine was purchased by the present owners, the Saunders Collection, in 1993. Since purchase, the engine has been fitted with a canopy, new tyres and has been rallied all over the country and abroad.

This winter it has been necessary to replace the boiler tubes in the engine and this has been carried out by the regular driver (and BSEPS Committee Member) Dave Roberts. The photographs show the new tubes going in. Two tube expanders were needed as the tubeplate hole sizes differ in the smokebox and firebox to allow the tubes to be removed easily. This required the use of two different sized tube expanders at the smokebox end as neither expander had a large enough range.

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